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Other Free Resources

Banner Exchanges:
Now that you have your banner ads, what are you going to do with them? Banner exchanges are a great way to get your ad on thousands of other websites - free. In exchange for displaying other people's ads on your site, your ad will appear on other people's sites. Best of all, the banner exchange takes care of all the technical details and usually also gives you lots of good statistics.

LinkExchange (bCentral) - Offers 2:1 exchange ratio (for every two banner ads you display, your banner ad is displayed once). Owned by Microsoft, this is the largest banner exchange.

SmartClicks - Offers 2:1 exchange ratio, targeting options and comprehensive statistics.

Free Banner Exchange Megalist - Definitive source for information on over 350 free banner exchanges. Search based on criteria such as targeting options, content focus and credit ratios.

Website Marketing Information and Tools:
If you're serious about building a successful website, you should take advantage of the great tools and expertise these sites offer FREE.

BannerTips - Offers very informative, hard-to-find insights and tips on every aspect of banner advertising, from design tips to a unique analysis of what impacts banner clickthrough rates.

Eboz - Comprehensive source for information on website design, marketing and e-commerce. Features original articles covering a vast array of topics of interest to all website owners. - Free search engine registration and links to other useful web promotion tools.

HTML Tutorials:
Need a few pointers on the basics of HTML, the language of all web pages? Check out these sites: although each covers a wide range of HTML topics, we've pinpointed the pages that offer info on adding images.

CNet's - Primer on how to add images/banners to your pages, and much more.

WebMonkey - Walks you through the steps needed to display and align an image on your page.

Other Useful Web Freebies:
These websites offer a vast array of free "goodies", many of which can assist you with developing and marketing your website. - Well-rounded resource specializing in free tools for webmasters. Find information on all aspects of website operation, including expanding and enhancing site content, e-commerce issues, and marketing.

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